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Windsor Ukrainian Links

St. Vladimir Orthodox Church and Cultural Centre

St. Vladimir and Olga Catholic Church

Ukrainian National Federation

Ukrainian Credit Union

Local Links

City of Windsor

Polish community

The Windsor Star

Ontario Ukrainian Links

Desna Ukrainian dance company (Toronto)

Ukrainia Ukrainian band (Ottawa)

Klooch Ukrainian Band (Toronto)

Zirka Ukrainian Band (Sudbury/Toronto)

Yavir Ukrainian Dance group (Toronto)

Tyrsa Ukrainian Dance group (Burlington)

Chaban Ukrainian Dance group (Thunder Bay)

Vesnyanka Ukrainian Dance group (Toronto)

London Barvinok Ukrainian dance group (London)

Mississauga Barvinok Ukrainian dance group (Mississauga)

Mak Ukrainian Dance group (Toronto)

Svitanok Ukrainian dance group (Ottawa)

Odessa Ukrainian dance group (Oshawa)

L'viv Ukrainian Dance group (Oshawa)

Chaika Ukrainian dance group (Hamilton)

Ukrainian School of arts and Ukraina (Toronto)

Ukrainian acadamy of dance and Arkan (Toronto)

Veselka Ukrainian dance group (Sudbury)

Canadian Ukrainian Links

Cheremosh Ukrainian Dance group (Edmonton)

Shumka Ukrainian Dance group (Edmonton)

Rusalka Ukrainian dance group (Winnipeg)

Tryzub Ukrainian dance group (Calgary)