переклад з української

Windsor has long been an outstanding cultural hub for Ukrainians. Ukrainians have been founding members of what Windsor is today. From a sleuth of motels to shopping centres to building centres, Ukrainians in Windsor have developed and maintained many businesses essential to Windsor's success. Windsor has recognized its Ukrainian community with many great honours such as awarding us the best villages in the Carrousel of Nations festival 5 years straight and a monument in the queen's gardens honouring the fallen of the Holodymyr genocide that killed tens of millions of Ukrainians.

Windsor today, offers new Ukrainians many opportunities to succeed and a community that will support all new Ukrainians with open arms. These services include:

Financial The Ukrainian Credit Union offers services in English, Polish, and of course, Ukrainian. Located near the Ukrainian Cultural centre at St. Vladimir's Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral, the UCU offers community services, affordable rates, and friendly service.

Social Organizations The Ukrainian community in Windsor has built many strong relationships and organizations. Some of these include UNF, The Lesia Ukrainian Women's Association at St. Vladimir's Ukrainian Cultural Centre, the women's group at the Catholic church, the men's business group, and the Ukrainian cultural society.

Churches: Windsor Ukrainians have the bragging rights to lay claim to the newest Ukrainian Church in Canada. Opened just a week before Easter of 2011, the new St. Vladimir and Olga Ukrainian Catholic church is located in South Windsor. Windsor also features St. Vladimir's Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral and the old St. Vladimir and Olga Ukrainian Catholic church (no longer in service). There is also an Orthodox church in Leamington (one half hour outside of Windsor), St. Mary the Protectress. St. Mary's is over 50 years old and is the most southern Ukrainian Orthodox church in Canada.

Arts and Language: Lost touch of the Ukrainian within? No problem! Ukrainians in Windsor have put together museums, dance schools, and language schools. The Ukrainian Heritage Museum in the Cultural Centre can be viewed by appointments. We also offer Ukrainian dance lessons. The Windsor Barvinok Ukrainian Dance School and Ensemble is a not-for-profit incorporation that has for the past 24 years, offered Ukrainian dance instruction to hundreds of dancers. Our dance group has traveled to festivals in Philadelphia, Toronto, Detroit, Sudbury, Barrie, and many more. The language school is run by Lesia Truppe and offers both adult and children's classes. These classes can develop basic language skills for beginners or finesse those vocabularies of the more advanced Ukrainian speakers. Every summer, Lesia organizes a sonyshnyk Children's camp as well. The camp features arts and crafts, language, and music of our Ukrainian Heritage.

Food: Of course, moving from a far away home in another country can be a taxing burden. Baba, though, raised us well. To fight homesickness, say a prayer and then eat some good old fashion home cooked Ukrainian food. Windsor offers many Ukrainians hand cooked food. The Cultural Centre sell pyrohy (verynyky) every Wednesday from 8 until sell out. Their excellent craftsmanship in the artistry of pyrohy stuffing has left the city begging for more and sold out by 11am every Wednesday, so get there early or you will miss out. Windsor also is home to a hand cared Ukrainian restaurant. Take your choice of holobsti, pyrohy, borscht, and more! Maybe you just want to stay home and cook. Then load up on "cabbage rolls" and "perogies" at the grocery store. Ukrainian food can be purchased virtually any grocery store in Windsor, that's how much this city loves our food!

Polish (and other Slavic) connections: The city of Windsor is a very diverse and multi cultural city, listing as the fourth most multicultural city in Canada (Behind Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver). The city features blocks of culturally specific stores, churches, and banquet halls. The Strength of the polish community is found in the many polish deli's and general stores. Polish churches, festivals, and student clubs are very visible in the city. Our Ukrainian community has held a very strong relationship with the Polish from hosting bank accounts in our credit union, to performing dances at their festivals. Ukrainians also share strong relationships with a very large Italian community, and also the Croatian, Serbian, Scottish, Slovakian, German, Romanian, and Hungarian communities.